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Michael Karmon
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Bruce Kimpel (BKimpel) wrote:
Fundamental religious beliefs? In what religion / belief system? I know devote Christians, Jews, and Muslims that practice Aikido and no of them have a problem with bowing. I personally have very strong Judaic beliefs, and I understand what it means to bow to O-sensei, to my sensei, and to my fellow Aikidoka.
Hi Bruce, at the Jerusalem dojo some quarter of the Yudansha and several Kyu's are devoted observing Jews. They solved what might be potentially the grave sin of "idol worshiping" by staying in upright seiza during the beginning of class ceremony while other do bow towards O-Sensei's picture.
Bruce Kimpel (BKimpel) wrote:
It's also quite possible that the person was not really interested to begin with, and just used ‘whatever excuse' to say ‘No, I don't wanna'. In which case, no issue!
This sounds like the right explanation. From what I know of Judeism and Islam there is a way around those potential issues. The guy was too emabresed to say "no thank you" right-out.

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