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sceptoor wrote:

are you implying that Judo throws are strong but aikido throws are not??

If an Aikidoka really wants to learn the fundamentals of punching and kicking in more detail, we'll be sure to take up those arts. Some aikidoka hold high rank in other MA's, so I wouldn't say their punches/kicks are "weak" or insincere. Maybe the confusion here is that you possibly think that Aikido senseis are "misleading" their students into thinking that Aikido is the ONLY effective MA and that we should all take a second look at it and decide to venture into a more "realistic" self defense. I have no problem with that, but I can personally tell you that this is not true(I can only speak for my dojo and it's organization ASU) of my sensei(s). My problem lies with your implications in all of your posts that Aikido is NOT effective.

Look at how this starts out ... Man.

Of course it's not true at your dojo, or many others. I never said that. And some people train in many different styles and some are young and some are old.

What I said was that punches and blocks are often unrealistically applied (and I know that is a thread in itself) compared to, for example, Karate. If some students choose to train in punches in order to be more effective, great! If they choose not to, that's also their choice. But If you don't have a good punch, you could be in for a shock (of your life) if faced by an attacker (after, you try to talk your way out of the situation, of course).

Now I know that many people know all that, but the effectiveness issue seems to always pop up, so I think it's a relevant observation. I have a strong punch after many years of karate and taekwondo, however, even I would question its effect on a crazed mugger.

I never meant that aikido is ineffective, or Judo, or Karate, etc. They're all effective and they're all ineffective depending on how they're trained and used. Also, someone who trains in Judo can (should) do better throws than someone who trains in Karate.

Now I'm being defensive.

Do I need to go into this much detail with each post? I'm sure I've missed many details here and have probably offended some people as well.


Remember, all generalizations are false
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