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Brian wrote:
Magma wrote:
Turn with the energy of the conversational-punch, rather than try to conversationally counter-punch.
You rock, man.

heh, heh, I agree 100%. The problem is that Jim won't "get it".

Anyway, I agree with Tim here;

It seems you enjoy provoking people for the sake of argument, while trivializing the argument itself so that they seem petty for responding. For example, in this thread:
I find that open minds work better.
Who is going to argue with that. But the implication is that only you have the most-open mind of all.
Another example, from this and previous threads:
commenting on how defensive people are.
What do you expect people to reply to being called defensive? "No, I'm not"? How asinine is that.
These were the condescending type of remarks I was referring to. You also say we're being defensive without an open mind. I say "look into the mirror". In fact, I'll tell you(again) that I've been reading your posts for a while, and got sick of the belittling of Aikido, and these kinds of reponses were LONG overdue, as everyone in here was just bbeing too nice. I'm sorry, but SOMEONE HAD to say something. Let me get this straight, you jump into an aikido forum, ask a few questions, everyone answers you(most quite non-defensively), and you still linger around as if your questions weren't answered, then, the belittling starts.

I still stand by my comments regarding the punching though. Based on training and observation, I feel that Aikido punches are usually weak (let's not get into that now - of course some aren't) and karate punches are usually strong and judo throws are usually strong. But people get defensive when they hear this stuff. So should it not be said? Remember, if someone acts agressively toward me for no good reason other than a bruised ego, I'll hold up a mirror to them.
It seems the fundamentals of aikido just zip right over your head. And are you implying that Judo throws are strong but aikido throws are not??(just asking) It's true that punching and kicking are not taught in detail in aikido, why?? Because it's Aikido, not Tang Su Doe, or Tae Kwon Doe. If an Aikidoka really wants to learn the fundamentals of punching and kicking in more detail, we'll be sure to take up those arts. Some aikidoka hold high rank in other MA's, so I wouldn't say their punches/kicks are "weak" or insincere. Maybe the confusion here is that you possibly think that Aikido senseis are "misleading" their students into thinking that Aikido is the ONLY effective MA and that we should all take a second look at it and decide to venture into a more "realistic" self defense. I have no problem with that, but I can personally tell you that this is not true(I can only speak for my dojo and it's organization ASU) of my sensei(s). My problem lies with your implications in all of your posts that Aikido is NOT effective.

I still haven't gotten an answer on whether or not you've actually walked into an aikido dojo.

C. Martin

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