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Kensho Furuya
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Hahah! My neighbor's cats are destroying my garden at the moment, sleeping on the plants. What to do!

One of the great classics on swordsmanship, uses this idea of the "sleeping cat." Is the cat sleeping? Or, is the cat awake and ready to ponce? No one can tell! This is related to swordmanship in which the mind and body achieve a state where it is difficult to detect any movement or intention. . . . . We see this motif on early sword fittings of the pre-Edo Period, late Muromachi Period, so we know that this is a very popular idea among smaurai warriors early on. On one of the buildings, within the compound of Toshogu, the tomb of the 1st Tokugawa Shogun, Ieyasu, there is a famous carving of the sleeping cat, said to be carved by Hidari Jingoro.

At the moment, however, I just wish they wouldn't play in my garden! Hehehe!

Happy Thanksgiving
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