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I'd like to add two things to this discussion. Both about the nature of fear. One strategic, and one tactical, so to speak!
My first thought is that Fear is very much like Hope, which is - as has been mentioned above - something that only applies to the future.. Never the present. This suggests that a good way to deal with it, to not dwell upon it, is to practice Mindfulness. To exist only in the present moment. Breathe, and nothing else..
The second is that for there to be fear there must be other - that is we only fear that which we do not know, that which is not part of us as fully integrated beings. This can be both externally (the bully at the bar) or internally (but not integrated - such as a fear of commitment, or spiders ). Taoism teaches (and I think Buddhism, but I'm less au fait with that so open to correction) that there is no 'other' - that everything is us, and we everything. Opening ourselves up to this totally (in the words of Baz Lehrman - "If you find out how, let me know.."!) means that nothing exists which is not part of us, therefore there can be nothing to fear...
My 2p worth.

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