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In the early 90's I did train a few times with Garnet and we did Iwama-style weapons and I thought it was ok (I had done some before) ... he's a good guy and a fine aikidoist but I think that he was so entrenched in the Iwama melieu that it didn't even occur to him to swap techniques, he just assumed that I wanted to be taught and that was ok with me ... you learn more if you're being taught than if you're teaching.

Regretably, he quit aikido shortly after that to pursue a degree in medicine and I was told that he has never come back to aikido. I haven't seen him since.

That dojo (Winnipeg Aikikai) was orginally Aikikai and returned to Aikikai after Garnet left so we still have a lot to do with each other. There is another Iwama dojo there now and they are a great bunch too.

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