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That is a nice way of putting it Camejo-san. I won't argue with what you have put forward.

I just want to mention another thing. Has anybody read Takuan Sh's "The Unfettered Mind: Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master" translated by William Scott Wilson. This book has opened my mind to a new understanding. Although, I've only went through the first chapter, "The Mysterious Record of Immovable Wisdom", I already found many Aiki principles within the passage, except they are not mentioned as Aiki.
Takuan Sh wrote:
Although you see the sword that moves to strike you, if your mind is not detained by it and you meet the rhythm of the advancing sword; if you do not think of striking you opponent and no thoughts of judgements remain; if the instant you see the swinging sword your mind is not the least bit detained and you move straight in and wrench the sword away from him; the sword that was going to cut you down will become your own, and, contrarily, will be the sword that cuts down your opponent.
This is a principle that we often heard during our study of Aikido. Aiki is quite an old if not ancient principle. It is actually the foundation of all true martial arts, but many forget this.

That quote was the fourth paragraph of the first chapter. Although I've only read the first chapter, it was quite a humbling experience. I know now that I know nothing. I would like to open a thread on Takuan Sh as soon as I finished reading the book.

Like I mentioned in my post before that the uniqueness of Aikido is that it is not unique in any way, and it is not trying to be unique. It is very universal. No Aikido techniques nor its principles are unique. I even no longer think that the training system is unique. In my opion is that Aikido goes back to the root of Budo instead of creating anything new. Like Osensei said, "Aikido is a supplement".

I also realized that if I kept thinking a lot of "How to"s, I could easily get killed. I shall again begin my study and train well.

When I have to die by the sword, I will do so with honor.
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