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Offline is a British Perspective...

Mothly fee - 20

We have about 25 clubs in the region so there is always at least 1 class a day on somewhere. For the monthly fee you can train at any club any time you like as often as you want (apart from wednesdays when you have to be shodan or above). It works out that you could theoretically train 8 times a week if youre REALLY dedicated!

Oh...and if you introduce a friend you get a months training free, bring 2 and you get 3 months free. Oh...and if you teach you dont pay at all

No annual fee.

Gradings - free, but you have to attend the seminar before the gradings take place which is 5 and lasts about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Dogi - about 25-30 but can be as much as 100 depending on what type you want.

Hakama - as cheap as 25 or as expensive as you like. I get mine from bujin.

Ummmm and thats about it apart from weekend courses which are about 30 each.

Oh and i think the national average wage is currently somewhere between 15 and 18 thousand pounds per year. Sorry havent got time to do the math percentage

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