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Bruce Kimpel (BKimpel) wrote:
One other thing that I find to be technically unique in Aikido (I have never seen it's equivalent in any martial art other than certain kenjutsu styles (the very styles that influenced Aikido's design I suspect))…is the concept of omote and ura (or Irimi / Tenkan) being reinforced.
Sorry, but this is not correct. My Sifu (Sensei in Chineses) would go on and on the subject. He refered to it as Inner Vs. Outer.

Furthermore he broke it down not only Uke's Ura/Omote (Outer/Inner) but also to Nage's position. So, the throw of Irrimi Nage would be: Uke to the outer (Ura) because he is thrown on his back and Nage's inner (Omote)becase it is done from withing the space in front of him.

The main point is that once you got your directions right you could not go into a situation where do not know what to do when entangled with and oponent. You just identify your current relative Omote/Ura position and change it.

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