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C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:
You will find the same principles you speak of in many internal Chinese arts as well as Escrime, Kali, and some Okinawan Karate systems. Similar principles also appear in certain styles of Western fencing.
This has been my experience as well. When one trains around long enough it may become evident that there is "nothing new under the sun" as far as MA technique goes so to speak. As indicated somewhere before, there are only so many ways to effectively strike, throw, bend, twist, compress etc. the human body.

Michael - Great story, reminds me of a similar situation that happened with a karateka at our dojo when my Sensei used to teach here, especially the stopping short and stiffening part.

From my limited experience with White Crane Kung Fu I tend to agree with you. Many movements are very similar to Aikido techniques, though they may begin differently (from kung fu style stances) the end result is identical to many Aikido waza (lots of Ikkyo variations in my book). Have been finding some of those similarities in Ba Gua Zhang as well. I remember training in Sheng Zhen Qigong with former Beijing Wushu Team Coach Li Jun Feng and learning some movements that were textbook Katate Dori Gyakugamae Ate (Sokumen). Which also lead me to realise that I could train some kata elements of my Aikido solo, which helped a lot for my Dan grading. Of course his take on the whole thing was that Aikido was Qigong .

Just some more thoughts.



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