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I really think the only possible answer to this question is the old cop-out; "I don't know all other MA; so I can't answer".

Still; if I were to venture a guess; I would say no there probably isn't. The study of ki (or whatever it's called in other languages)is as old as time; as is the one-point, or center, or hara. The philosophy of non-violent resolution of conflict probably evolved at the same time the philosophy of violent resolution of confilct did (some cro-magnon somewhere realized he didn't have the strength to club the grumpy guy in the next cave with a tree branch; so he tripped him. ).

As O-Sensei's techniques were a distillation of techniques from other styles, adapted to his own philosophy; so too that philosophy was a distillation of what he learned from other philosophies.

At least; that's my take on it.


Answers are only easy when they're incomplete.
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