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Kevin Wilbanks wrote: remote as having to dodge a falling meteor.......arrives at the dojo with a handgun ......snipe them with a high-powered rifle.....
Nice extremes Kevin - nearly enough to convince me that you are right. But then again, maybe we are learning a martial art, so perhaps the likelyhood of an attacker having a knife/bottle/stick in the hand that you are not holding is a remote possibility that we should consider.

By the way, on your question about being grabbed by someone with a stiletto? Never.

Have I been grabbed by someone aggressively enough to make me throw them with kotegaeshi? Never. So I guess statistically that's pretty even.

How many times have I been grabbed by someone with a potential weapon in the other hand? Many. Usually glass or bottle. In fact, I'd be suprised if they grabbed me with the loaded hand, since they would have to drop the weapon.

If my uke had a magic marker? I'd look like a Jackson Pollock painting. That's why I keep training. How about you - would it only count as aikido if they held it in their right hand and made sure you knew that?

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