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Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
Interesting how life imitates internet, or vice versa

Happened after a guy was in the process of being taken down with aigamae ate (irimi nage), which was converted into a light strangle hold at the point of falling. The Uke yelled "That is not Aikido". The Tori was a bit dumbfounded at the response...
Interesting how life imitates internet, or vice versa

Last practice I was training with a newbee, a Karate switch-over. The young man got the usual explanation of "softness, non-violent, harmony". We practiced Ikkyo-omote on a Tsuki attack. The guy gave a good mid-section tsuki and froze solid after performance, karate-style. Naturally, I responded with an Atemi, a fake kick to his groins and went for the waza. The next time he stiffened I faked a direct nose punch.

The guy was shocked, "Is this Aikido?" he asked after class, mixing soft with floppy etiquette with docile. Yep, I replied, Aikido has no 'fair play' inhibitions. Every techniques performed is potentially a broken bone, dislocated joint or deadly. Atemi is for me to take over your spirit. No Atemi is 'illegitimate' per-se, you can punch, kick, spit (yach ), or just fake a movement as long as you can take the balance off of your Nage.

Of course I explained and emphasized that within the Dojo we train more civil-like.
Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
Personally, I've come across shaolin kung fu teachers who show chin na joint manipulation techniques and call them "Aikido techniques". To those who don't know, they may look the same (a wrist lock is a wrist lock) but the principles applied to get to the technique are often very different imho. In this same way, chin na techniques can be applied using Aikido principles.

Just a few thoughts.

I have practiced Shaulin-Kungfu for several years and the associated Chin-Na (art of grappling, wrestling etc.). And I am still amazed on the resemblance between Aikido and Kungfu, especially elements that are derived from the "white Crain" approach/techniques of the Kungfu.

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