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Roger C. Marks
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Quote by Ted Marr'I meant the kind of leading where, by your actions, you try to provoke certain reactions from your uke, which, although martially appropriate in and of themselves, help set up things further in the technique.'

Well Ted, most of high level Judo is about setting up your opponent, meaning that you have to fool the other person and get them to put themselves into the danger zone. We practice 'Renraku waza' (combination techniques) which are basically either techniques applied and the opponent avoids and places themselves in a vulnerable position, or techniques 'faked', maybe a distraction technique, solely with the purpose of making the opponent react straight into the path of the 'real' technique. Alternatively, you can use counter techniques (go no sen) which use the movement of the opponents technique to allow you to throw them - often you 'sucker' them into trying a specific technique on you, solely with the purpose of your countering.
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