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The Principle of Ten

Chris Li started the thread on Tora no Maki. I was going to reply but discovered I couldn't because it was posted on the Voices of Experience area, so I didn't respond.

Just recently someone heard me talking about the Principle of Ten and pointed this out to me.

The principle of 10 states that if you're attacked with a power of 2 you meet it with a power 8. If you're attacked with power 5, you respond with power 5. Always equalize the opposing force to 10. This is a secret of Aikido, but it's impossible to do.

Everybody is different and you can't be everybody's friend. The only thing you can do is put yourself in accord with universal principles. Once that is done, others will be in harmony with you. Therefore the word Aikido is actually about putting yourself in harmony with the Universal Ki.

The last two paragraphs are a paraphrase from an introduction to one of K. Tohei's books. I'm not quoting because of the copyright, however you can see the flow of thought.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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