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Cool defensiveness

Jim23 wrote:

For example, a while back I mentioned that I had watched a Ju-Jitsu class and was very impressed with the level of fitness, stamina and general skill of the teacher and students, and how I felt that in aikido there should be more training with punches and blocks (generally), otherwise they might be inneffective in the real world. Boy was I attacked for that and even told that I should take up Ju-Juitsu, etc.


Hey Jim,
I think what got you in trouble here is the part where you said that if Aikido didnīt adopt some of these techniques it might be ineffective. You see, most people(Aikidoka) donīt believe that it is necessary to incorporate other arts into Aikido for it to be effective, but believe that if performed correctly it would be. Thus, your statement might have stepped on some toes. I enjoy cross-training and donīt believe itīs a problem. Aikido, in my view, encompasses all movements which protect yourself and the other while controlling the situation. What it takes to control the situation is a whole īnother ballgame. Aikido, of course, has some distinct trademarks but I think you got the point.
Maybe you should take some JJ classes... I do.
You know... they can be defensive, Iīll grant you that, but you are easily offended as well. Iīve read the other threads.
Gotta go........ train......

At your service,
Christopher Wilson
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