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Greg Jennings
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Tuition: US$0 for 4 classes per week.

Association Fees: $0

Miscellanious Fees: $0

Association Fee: $35 per year for the whole dojo plus our associate dojo in Tupelo; I pay it out of my pocket.

Judogi: We get unbleached, single weave versions in bulk from Kiyota for $27-30 depending on size. I've never had one wear out.

Hakama: I think we got the last ones were like $50. I have a very nice Iwata that my instructor gave me; I think it was on special for $140.

Kyu Tests: $0.

Dan Tests: Whatever the Aikikai charges. $0 markup. It is also tradition that we give hakama and black belt to new yudansha.

Seminars: We just hosted a seminar with Hans Goto Sensei 6th dan, 4 two-hour sessions Friday evening through Sunday morning at $80 including seminar T-shirt. I didn't publish it, but last year, I gave cut-rate prices to high school and college students that are having trouble coming up with the tuition.

So, basically, aikido is really inexpensive here. As I indicated in the other thread, though, people have different opinions about "professional instructors".

Just my opinion, but if someone insists on a really spiffy dojo in a convenient location with lots of class times all taught by (a)highly-experienced, well-prepared instructor(s), they should be prepared to pay accordingly.

I got a charge out of a conversation with a prospective student that, after I explained our situation, asked me if we had private lessons with baby sitting.


Greg Jennings
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