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How much does Aikido cost?

This is a spin-off 'Does Rank Really Matter?' thread. The opinions regarding the significance of ranks varied but a new and interesting issue arose. For some of us Aikido is a very expensive habit. Sometimes up to "Rank or Rent"

So, how much does your Aikido cost in terms of work days or percentage of the average local salary?
How much should it cost?
Should ranking cost? How much?
Does it interfer with training?
Would you leave a good dojo due to overpricing?

In our Dojo we have classes 6 days a week, usually two classes a day. You pay 40$/month for an 'all you can train' pass. 40$ are about 2.5% of the average salary in Israel.
A quality Gi costs about 3.5% of the average salary. A Hakama can cost up to 15% of a salary.
Seminars cost 40$-60$ for a full day (2.5%- 3.5% of average salary)
Kyu tests are free of charge but Dan tests (given by flown-in Shihans) can cost up to 650$- more then a third of a salary.

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