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Moline Bob (Bob) wrote:
I believe that all this is politics. I think that as long as nage (tori/shiite) is on balance and safe, and uke is off balance and vulnerable then it is an aikido technique.


My biggest concern for aikido is the barriers that are put up by the various aikido organizations to exclude other organizations, and aiki weapons is a good example. Each time that techniques are developed/changed that are specific to just one organization it is, in my opinion, an exclusionary move ... a student of one style, let's say Aikikai, has a hard time moving to another style, let's say Iwama, and feel that he/she is respected if he/she cannot do the particular weapons katas that Iwama students of equal rank can do.
I hope that the said Aikikai student -=would=- be respected. I would respect such a student because they have a slightly different perspective from their path up the proverbial mountain and we could only serve to improve ourselves by being open to many perspectives.

Though decisions are made for whatever reason there is still an ai- in our keiko. for one will be a student happy with my form, happy to learn from other forms, and inclusive of all ka

"To educate a man in mind, and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society." ~Theodore Roosevelt
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