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I believe that all this is politics. I think that as long as nage (tori/shiite) is on balance and safe, and uke is off balance and vulnerable then it is an aikido technique.

The remainder of the issues come from our being normal human beings ... ever so ready to take a mere comment as a challenge/insult and spring to a defence that is equally challenging/insulting. This, of course, is one of the negative attributes of our human-being-ness that O'Sensei has given us the tools to overcome if we would only work hard at it rather than fall back to our pre-aiki behaviour as soon as a shadow appears on the horizon.

Unfortunately many of those who have gone before us show these same weaknesses ... I guess true aikido must be even more difficult than we short-timers can imagine!

My biggest concern for aikido is the barriers that are put up by the various aikido organizations to exclude other organizations, and aiki weapons is a good example. Each time that techniques are developed/changed that are specific to just one organization it is, in my opinion, an exclusionary move ... a student of one style, let's say Aikikai, has a hard time moving to another style, let's say Iwama, and feel that he/she is respected if he/she cannot do the particular weapons katas that Iwama students of equal rank can do. After all in the shattering of the karate world into so many (how many?) styles what is the main criteria that defines the difference between them if it isn't the arbitrary difference in the katas that were developed by the Founder of the style?

As an Aikikai student I wish that Hombu would give us a particular set of weapons techniques to work on rather than leaving it for whichever Shihan we happen to follow. And I don't care whether it is what Iwama uses or any other organization ... I just dream of the day that we can move from training with one organization to another with ease.

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