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Concussions Need at Least a Week to Heal - Study

Tue November 18, 2003 04:09 PM ET

CHICAGO (Reuters) - An athlete who suffers a concussion may need a week or longer to recover and is at higher risk of being re-injured, a pair of studies said on Tuesday.

About 300,000 sport-related concussions occur each year in the United States, making the injury among the most common suffered by college football, ice hockey and soccer players.

A concussion occurs when a blow jostles the brain inside the skull, stretching and sometimes tearing nerve cells and often leading to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, memory problems, poor concentration and impaired balance.

full story at Reuters:;jsessionid=B4FHGIQBC2QY0CRBAELCFEY?type=healthNews&storyID=3846822

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