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Phillip Johnson (PhilJ) wrote:
With respect, Bronson, even that kind of kotegaeshi can be done and still you get hit. I did it that way for about 10 years (Seidokan), and realized I could be slapped.

What changed was where my body was in relation to uke. I found that if I folded uke in to me, it worked, but brought him towards me even if I was off the line.

To me, body position made the difference, but I still do the technique as you described.
Hey Phil,

I think we agree a lot more than we disagree on this Poor positioning can screw up even the best technique. I've found the same as you and have been noticing it more and more.

I have also found that there's a big difference, in this type of kotegeashi, between putting uke's hand over their elbow or bringing their elbow under their hand. The former leaves them standing too upright for my taste

Ultimately it all comes down to having them off balance. We kind of work with the idea that uke should be off balance almost to the point of falling when the technique gets applied. If you are relying on the technique itself to take their balance then you didn't get it quite right...pretty much what everybody else here says too.


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