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Ted Marr
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This is one of those questions that very few people should be able to answer... If you answer "yes", then that means that you know the technical repitiore of every other martial art well enough to say definitively that it does not contain Aikido elements. If we want to apply this stringently, it's quite probably impossible to answer yes. Likewise, if you answer "no", that implies an encyclopedic knowledge of Aikido techniques, and at least some outside experience.

Regardless, I'm going to comment, because I like hearing myself talk... or type, or whatever.

From what I've seen, in the narrow view, of course every school has techniques that are unique to it... that is what makes it a school. Of course, the within-Aikido variation in a technique may exceed the variation between any one particular dojo and another one outside of Aikido.

In the broader view, all martial arts kind of converge... there is one basic generic form for the human body, and there are a limited number of ways to manipulate it efficiently. All styles eventually come down to what they emphasize.

That said, I haven't heard of any other art that puts any particular stress on 'leading' your opponent.
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