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I'm not real good with all these Japanese terms for technique yet BUT my sensei (Dennis Hooker) has placed me in (shionage sp?) then at the last minute turned his hips and taken me over in koshinage. This is a wonderful feeling by the way.... Of course, understand that he does this while explaining what he doesn't want to see people doing, HA! but anyway, the result is my head is laying on my arm like a good shionage uke and then surprise! I'm taken over backwards.

I haven't tried landing on my feet as this happens rather quickly and rather low. I usually land face down as in wildaikido's little stick figure ( btw I knew exactly what you drew there). The only thing I would add is NOT to land on the balls of your feet, it may be quicker getting up but you can be off a little and break a toe or two.

I land, very relaxed, with the top of the feet as they are the last to hit the mat and there is no weight there to do any damage. Also, do not try to use your elbows at all! Use the forearms to help disperse the energy of the fall. Most important, Relax, relax, relax.


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