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Tracing the weapons family tree

I'm interested in the evolution of Aikido weapons from O Sensei to his direct students and beyond.

I'm aware, of course, of Saito Sensei's legacy and have trained in his weapons system, although somewhat indirectly.

Kobayashi Sensei learned weapons from Saito Sensei and makes these techniques an integral part of his dojo curriculum. A student of Kobayashi Sensei, Igarashi Sensei, has delved deep into weapons and created many interesting new kata and excercises, partly influenced by extensive Katori Shinto Ryu experiences. My first Sensei was a student of Kobayashi Sensei and Igarashi Sensei, so that's my weapons family tree that I know of.

My current dojo is under Kawahara Shihan in Canada, but sadly I am still ignorant of this (extremely well-regarded) branch of the weapons tree. Apparently he started with Tanaka Sensei in Osaka, but that is all I have.

I'm interested in hearing your weapons family tree, partly out of pure curiosity but also because I would like to categorize the main weapons systems that came from direct students of O Sensei. I know of a few offshoots and would be interested to know who originated them and what influenced them (i.e.: other MAs).

For instance, where does Nishio Sensei fit in in relation to Saito Sensei? How about Chiba Sensei in the U.S.A.? Do any close students of his know where he found or developed his fairly different system? Or Saotome Sensei, who I have heard has some fairly unique techniques as well.

I'm not so interested in starting a competitive thing between varios schools or organizations. I just would like to hear as many interesting stories as people have heard from their various teachers.


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