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Absolutely not an authority, but I do know where to look some of this stuff up. So do with this (maybe incorrect) information what you will.

According to Budo Jiten (2nd ed.), bushido m" is "The Way of the Warrior, an artificial code of ethics, created by the Tokugawa Bakufu to keep samurai under control"

Whereas budo ": "1)Any martial art that has been studied for so long that it has become a way of life. 2)The modern martial arts whose names end with the suffix -do (e.g. judo, kendo, iaido). 3) A martial art that is studied for self-improvement, as opposed to one that is studied for combat utility."

bu : "Military; martial"

bushi m: "A warrior who was a member of the samurai caste."

Budo Jiten then translates shi m as "a (samurai) person." but I think I like the translation from Jim Breen's Japanese-English dictionary ( better: "a practitioner"

So from this, I would guess that shi m is a practitioner of bu (ie. a samurai), thus making bushido m" the way of the military practitioner. Just a guess, though.

Now there are probably a million subtleties of the kanji that someone with far more knowledge could tell you, but I guess this could be a start.


By the way, if you want to see the kanji and can't, go here:

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