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Alan Lomax
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Oh !!! some one set the mirror right in front of us! Here is my reflection...

I have very seldom been accused of being humble in deed or opinion and this will not likely change any time soon. I seem to get along with this just fine.

To answer the question though, No, the Aikidoka I have encountered do not corner the market on humility. They do not seem to be any more or less humble than the good folks in any other Martial Arts I have been exposed to.

Being humble and or possessing and demonstrating humility is of the nature that it can only be measured by other folks. I can't reasonably or accurately gauge my own humility. If I try to tell others how humble I am or talk of the depth and breadth of my humility, then I would really just be enjoying a bit of arrogance and conceit now wouldn't I?

I have never met any one who is truly humble that has not been through horrendous hardship or tragedy. Even fewer people can be humble in all aspects of there life and personality all of the time. I have an occupation that allows me to see people in humbling circumstances quite often. Always, immediately following a horrific event even people that may be considered by the world at large to be evil incarnate, are humbled. Maybe not long, maybe for a lifetime and maybe in all facets or just a small portion of their personality.

Look up Dang Thong Phong Sensei. He is a living example of humble.


Alan Lomax
Doumukai Aikido
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