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Usagi Yojimbo
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I've practiced in street clothes, thing is though, because of my hairy legs, I have to wear shorts most of the time or my legs get to hot and sweat. I also wear loose t-shirts, and sandals which I remove before I practice. So they don't hamper me to much. I also like to wear my Gi pants on some occasions if I feel lazy, considering it is horrendously comfortable, and I want to get a Gi to wear for regular activities and such anyways. The times I do practice in jeans, it can be a lil confining, but I can adapt, and I never practice the complicated stuff, I also wear my combat boots at times, and those suckers never come off, so they don't impede my movement. Really used to wearing them. I wonder what it would be like practicing in my ROTC uniform....

My head hurts...
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