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Doug Mathieu
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This is interesting if we consider being humble is knowing your defects whereas Modesty is whether you are boastful (warranted or not) of your abilities.

We probably see people displaying their level of modesty more than we can tell if they are truly humble. I don't think we can always judge someones level of humility just from their exterior conduct. We can definietly tell if someone is modest or not.

If someone is boastful we presume they are not likely humble either.

I do know other martial artists and in my experience I think Aikido people are about at the same level of humility and perhaps a bit more modest.

Aikido students probably have less opportunity to boast since we don't have competition.

Clues to humility might be when students try to always correct someone else since they "know the correct way" or they do not try something else they might be shown and insist on keeping to their own version of training.

I think we are more challenged to be humble since there isn't as clear a way to test our knowledge as competition would.

Conversly as we advance we should become more humble since our teachers should become more demanding of us and we learn how much we still haven't learned.
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