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Kevin Wilbanks
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Justin McCarthy (justinm) wrote:
Hi Kevin, I'm with Jim on this, especially where a grab is concerned - if someone grabs you I think you would be crazy NOT to assume there is a bottle, knife, glass in the other hand.

To train for years to defend against a grab with an assumption that there is not a weapon in the other hand simply 'makes no sense' (to use your words).

We always train with the assumption that the attacker might have a weapon, and it might not be in the hand they hit/grab you with, beginners included. They seem to cope somehow

If you want aikido to be martially effective, how could you do otherwise without kidding yourself?
1) You are being vastly oversimplistic. There are a nearely infinite number of situations in which one might use Aikido movement in relation to a grab where the probability of them wanting to kill you with a concealed weapon in the off hand is about as remote as having to dodge a falling meteor during your tenkan. Think about it statistically: how many times have you or anyone you know been grabbed, and how many of those was followed by a thrust to the abdomen with a stilleto?

If you are going to use the kind of hyperbolic paranoid logic you use in this post, where does it end? Why not assume uke arrives at the dojo with a handgun and snipe them with a high-powered rifle on their way in? After all, in the real world, people do come to kill other people with guns, so not keeping 24-hour sniper sentry on your front door is just "kidding yourself".

2) I did not say that one should never train the situation where there is a weapon in the off hand, but to advocate training that way all the time is to introduce an arbitrary assumption into practice that would distort the art considerably.

3) I hate to say challengesque things on an internet forum where the possibility of backing it up is remote, but have to say I find it hard to believe that y'all really train to the standard that uke has a razor sharp blade in the off hand at all times. It seems doubtful to me that ANYONE is good enough to consistently train the entire compendium of Aikido techniques to that standard - especially from ushiro attacks, since in most instances you'd be fatally wounded before you even got started. Multi-attacker randori becomes just plain silly. Are you saying that if you put on a white body suit and give uke a magic marker that you could just train away normally and not be marked?
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