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Iriawan Kamal Thalib (Thalib) wrote:
Actually, Diffin-san, what you've described here as "change" is actually the original and basic kote-gaeshi. When one does this, it actually does not give uke the chance to do "fancy" ukemi.
I find this hard to believe when I look at Ueshiba on video and in his two manuals. Are you referring to pre-aikido? ven so, I've never seen any ju-jitsu people do it with the 'roll-up' version.

It is true the hand 'roll-up' kote-gaeshi stops uke touching you with your other hand. However it seems far easier to resist. Also, uke has the potential to drop his elbow to the outside, so that the technique won't work. Admittedly they'd have to have the presence of mind to do this. Although I'm still undecided which is best, I tend to either ensure uke is extended (therefore they have no balance to strike with the other hand), or one hand goes towards the face (so they tend to fall on their back more).

I would be very grateful if you could clarify your statement (I never saw anyone doing the roll-up form 14 years ago, though I have seen it more recently) e.g. when and who did this?


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