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Bronson Diffin (Bronson) wrote:
He changed the "standard" kotegeashi in our style to a variation I've seen written about here on AikiWeb. Instead of twisting ukes wrist to the side we kind of roll their arm up. Bringing the elbow under the hand and taking the whole thing straight down. It results in uke sitting down instead of flipping over.
Actually, Diffin-san, what you've described here as "change" is actually the original and basic kote-gaeshi. When one does this, it actually does not give uke the chance to do "fancy" ukemi. Instead it could result in uke falling flat on their face.

The "twisting-arm" kote-gaeshi is a misconception of the original which is: After kote-gaeshi, the skillful uke falls into a sitting position, even seiza if the uke is sensitive to the nage. This gives the uke another chance of attacking. The nage then do a movement keeping distance and position from the uke, usually in a form of a tenkan.

If the above is done as one flowing continuous motion, for the people who only look for form, it will look like that kote-gaeshi is directly twisting the arm. This actually is controversial to the kaeshi part, which is to return. Kote-gaeshi, return the hand, not throw away the hand.

Here in Indonesia, there are many "rubber-men", in other words: very flexible. If one tries twisting the arm out in kote-gaeshi here, the person would just stand there and stare at you. Twisting the arm could injure those who are not flexible, but it is pointless for those who are. Why take the chance?

The more one learns, the more one returns to the basics.

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