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I have been training for 8 months, and rumor has it I am testing for 4th kyu sometime soon.
We have class 2 nights a week and Saturday mornings. My wife and I usually train by ourselves a third night.

Regarding Bruce's post-

Our dojo has no dues, and does not seem to be overly concerned with advancement after x number of hours. We are also a rather small dojo (8 or 10 people that are "always there", and then a few who come and go) so there is not a lot of politics that get into the mix. We also do not line up according to rank.

Maybe these circumstances have colored my view in a different way than yours have.

It would be interesting to know if there is a relationship between people's preference as to ranking, and the amount of emphasis their respective dojos place on rank. (ie colored belts vs just white and black, lining up according to rank, etc.)

Just a point of curiosity.

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