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Ted Marr wrote:

The only way to be humble is to realize that however good you are, there are always going to be people out there who are better than you are.

If that isn't the case for some reason, you're probably enlightened, so it becomes a bit of a moot point *grin*
I think the only way to be humble is to realize that you were once a sperm and an egg, and if your parents decided to have sex one minute later, you wouldn't be here.

So, "that isn't the case," and from time to time I am enlightened. I do think it's possible to be humble, still have a sense of self-worth, and know you're talented at something if you are.

I've met arrogant aikido practitioners and I've met humble tae-kwon-do and karate practicioners.

I was in Colorado once, and a guy asked me what the women are like in Miami. I said, "A little bit of everything." We have to be careful when grouping people together and saying, "These are like this, and those are like that."


p.s. I have met and trained with many humble aikidoka, and I think aikido does nurture humility.
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