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Here's an article entitled, "Rank, Stinkin' Rank" by Peter Boylan:
I might be mistaken, but I was under the impression that in the US ....

USJI - US Judo, Inc is the National Governing Body to the IJF.

The USJI has two charter members for amateur events, USJA (US Judo Association) and USJF (US Judo Federation).

Participation in individual shiai may require specific USJI, USJA or USJF membership, but rank is, to the best of my understanding, universal, as it is set by the standards of the NGB, in this case USJI. (Which in turn has it's standards monitored ---- ultimately by the IJF)

The "oddball" is the smallest national judo organization in the US, AAU Judo, which awards no rank.


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