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Michael Karmon
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Ian Hurst (happysod) wrote:
, beyond teacher/student they're really just an artificial way of dealing with particular organisational problems.
Well, I believe that if you are the kind of guy that trains only of the sake of rank then you will be weaded out very quickly from any type of respectable martial art. However, IMHO ranks are an important factor within the dojo. I expect that within the dojo the avarege Q1 will be a better performing, better mannered, assuming more responsabiliteis Aikidoka then the avarege Q2-3. (keyword being "avarege")

You are absoluly right that that Q levels can not be compaiered across Dojos
Ian Hurst (happysod) wrote:
2. "bad effect.. peers at Q levels ", sorry but if you're the type of person to do these types of comparison, you're always going to find something to be upset about.
I feel that I did not explain myself very well. We all want ot improve ourselves, a legitimate way is by looking around and saying 'Gee what a nifty throw ,and, I would like to be able to highfall like that" and then we go and imitate until we learn. I, in my level, can not imitate (although I would love to) the technique of the SanDans in my dojo. but I can relate to the guys on my level or one or two Q's ahead of me because they are just one year (performance wise) of hard training ahead of me. If I had to give ukemi as a some of the Yodansha give-I would probalby run for dear life but some day I want to be there, Ukemi wise.
Ian Hurst (happysod) wrote:
I have to agree with other posters who intimated rank is only important as you let it be, with one caveat. If your association has any ceilings on the types of training you do dependant on rank, you must be allowed to go for these grades.
Ranks are checkpoints in order to ensuer that you got all your i's dotted and your t's crossed. It is an oppertunity for teacher and student to figure out weak spots and places to improve. My Q rank is exactly what it means MY rank but I also belive that the ladder should not vary too much.

As for people who completel reject the rank system I can only say that you may be right but as long as it there - lets do it the right way.

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