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*Does it really matter? I'm not talking about testing either, just the level of ones ability*--Nafis Zahir

Of course I think that level of ability matters when training in general so that you know how "hard" to do a techinque to do with an uke...if that's what you meant Mr. Zahir. Personally I have never met a yudansha that has been incabable of solid aikido, nor anyone ranked above me in general that has not been "better" at aikido than me. But I hear this kind of problem alot in these forums, it makes me curious about the state of some dojos and/or senseis.

I have just been asked to test for a kyu rank a couple above what I thought I was due for if one were to strictly follow the "rules." I don't doubt my ability to actually do any of the techinques, I just don't know if I would have time to learn some of the new ones adequately before the test date, especially since this would be my first aikido testing. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I won't be able to make this round of tests anyway, and will hopefully test later next year.

So maybe this is part of what you're thinking about Mr. Zahir? In addition, I have to think about the feelings of my fellow kyu-rank dojo-mates who I would surpass after just one test, but with equivalent time training in straight aikido, though I've done other martial arts before.

Not a real fun position to be in, kinda thankful I've got a few extra months to practice.


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