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how some people get pushed thru the ranks quickly, even though their technique is not up to par. This causes alot of jealousy and anomosity in dojos all around the country.
I tell people not to worry about it and to just train.
i did the same, because i feel the higher the rank the more burden you have to carry. For example, being a yudansha you have to be able to take ukemi from shihans, because from there those shihans sees the quality of our techniques. Being or looked bad in front of the shihans may bring bad image not only to yourself, but to your dojo and your sensei as well.
Does it really matter? I'm not talking about testing either, just the level of ones ability. Anyone?
not to me, but for some people it really meant a lot. i even knew someone who tried to lobby a sensei from different dojo to take him as a student after the person being rejected to take shodan test. I feel pity for this person, as i already felt that there's more and more in aikido to explore/pursue besides a black belt and a hakama. Currently i'm a sankyu, and don't know when i get my shodan, but i felt that when the time comes, i'll take it somehow.
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