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Does Rank Really Matter?

I was speaking with a friend of mine who I have trained with for 8 years. We were discussing how some people get pushed thru the ranks quickly, even though their technique is not up to par. This causes alot of jealousy and anomosity in dojos all around the country. I tell people not to worry about it and to just train. Your technique is what really matters. I am a Shodan and have trained with San Dans who could not give me a Nikyo! Does rank really matter? My Instructor wears a white belt! He says that he always wants to maintain a beginners mind. I respect that. He's a 6th Dan by the way. He may wear a white belt, but his technique speaks for itself. I hate the ranking system myself and all the politics behind it. I may put a white belt on! Does it really matter? I'm not talking about testing either, just the level of ones ability. Anyone?
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