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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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I think that an increasing number of aikido styles is beneficial.

First, I think we can all agree that while styles share common concepts and philosophy to some degree, and certainly should all be called 'aikido', they differ considerably.

Second, to the degree that an organization (AYANA, IYAF, Aikikai...) contains many distinct styles of teaching and technique, that organization must be increasingly decentralized and vague.

Now, for styles to bicker and insult one another, beyond friendly disagreement (we're aikidoka, we should be able to understand other people's viewpoints without abandoning our own), seems harmful.

In short, I don't mind if there are many organizations, and in fact think it usefully recognizes the many different forms of aikido that have developed over the years. However, it is best to have amicable relations between these organizations.
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