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Matt Banks
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Hi there


I have enrolled to take part in the sensusei course with the Tokyo Riot Police in 2002. It has taken a great deal to arrange, and apply to the course. Im now saving for accommodation etc etc.


1) sort out where your going to live really early when your in japan. Its the most expensive place to live in the world.

2) If your from Australia, or New Zealand great, as apparently its easier for you to obtain a work permit. For us brits its quite hard. PLus ill have to leave the country for at least 1 day, to renew my permit.

3) The yoshinkan sensusei course, is in my opinion the best bet in japan, for hardcore training, as the dojo, is in a good area, plus you get a instructors certificate at the end of the year.

4) Best source of income, for foreighners is teaching english out there. Dont worry you dont have to speak japenese , you get paid for pronounciation and correcting essays, etc etc(most of the time). Try and get some sort of teaching qualification before you go, to increase chances of getting the job. Bar work is much lower paid in japan.

5) sort out medical insurance, on the yoshinkan course before you start. As it takes alot to get seen in emergency's if you dont have the paper work. The yoshinkan course is no longer residentual thus youve gotta find your own flat etc.

6) get as muck nookie with your local girl friend at home, as when your on the course you havent got the energy or privacy in japan to ''get some''


7)sorry ive got to go to training, e-mail any queries to me, as I know lots who have done it.

Matt Banks

''Zanshin be aware hold fast your centre''
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