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Well, I've never had a concussion. I'm pretty sure I had alcohol poisoning once. 6 cups of everclear jungle juice, more than 6 beers, shots, and an entire 5th of Southern Comfort.. I'm glad I'm alive.

Anywhoo, I just came back from 6 weeks off due to a broken toe. This morning, I was going to work at the laboratory and a guy didn't see me going 65 mph down the road. He went through the intersection and I missed him, but took out a sign, flew off the road for about 20 ft before landing and eventually came to a stop. So after 6 wks out, 2 wks back, I now have whiplash and don't know how long that'll keep me out. Curse you injury gods!!! (Just kidding injury gods, please don't take offense, I'll leave something at the alter tonight!!)

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