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Ron Tisdale wrote:
Jun, I think you know who was shite...
I think I just received a piece of e-mail from him recently...

In any case, here are some symptoms of a concussion:

"The symptoms that will usually immediately follow a concussion may include a headachy feeling, abnormal sleepiness, dizziness, confusion, lack of feeling or emotion, anxiety, blurred vision, vomiting, and the inability to remember events prior to the injury. If the period of unconsciousness is prolonged the symptoms may be more persistent and severe. In cases of repeated concussion such as that found in boxers, damage to the brain, impaired concentration, slurred speech, slow thinking and the punch drunk syndrome are possible."


"The acute symptoms of concussion have been examined in prospective studies. The only validated symptoms are amnesia, loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, attentional deficit, and nausea.6-8 Headache, of course, is not confined to concussion--up to 50% of athletes report exercise-related headaches.9,10

"In addition, a wide variety of anecdotal symptoms (eg, vacant stare, irritability, emotional lability, impaired coordination, sleep disturbance, noise or light intolerance, lethargy, behavioral disturbance, and altered sense of taste or smell)11 may be encountered in concussed athletes. The prognostic significance of these symptoms is unknown, although they are widely cited by clinicians. Symptom aggravation with altitude, atmospheric pressure, and high ambient temperature are also anecdotally described. One area of concern that has not been studied in detail is after apparent recovery when deficits may still be evident if subjects are assessed during physiologic stress.12"

-- Jun

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