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"Do you think you'll be attacked when you're walking upright with both hands free in the daylight on level ground? No way! You'll be attacked when you're carrying groceries in one hand and using a crutch with the other because your leg's in a cast, while walking the dog, trying to get your keys out and answering your cell phone, while on an icy hillside in the dark. So you better train for that day."

Heh Heh, reminds me of one remark that was often talked about by this UK self defence teacher.

He said that a lot of ppl get attacked when they are doing their business in the stalls. The modus operandi is that, once you have your trousers between your legs, one guy will grab your legs and pull you out of the door (stalls with openings below) thereby giving you a solid knock on the head (hopefully thats all). And whilst you're still grappling with the notion that you are naked and feeling crappy with your head knocked to bits, the other guy mugs you.

I wonder what kinda aikido move we'll be doing to get out of that?

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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