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Getting back to my old dojo (Iwama Style) My old instructor taught us Iwama weapons he learned from the Late Saito Shihan. But guess what? Saito Shihan changed some of the weapons for his own good reasons and even taught variations. Although my old instructor swore by Iwama weapons, he, at one point, critizied Saito for making changes and said that Saito was probably being influenced by his son! Imagine that! So finally, he gave up trying to keep up with the changes and sticks do whatever they're doing now. They also said that they didn't want to have get Pat Hendricks to teach them the new stuff! My Aikikai instructor knows and teaches weapons. He learned weapons from Saito as well as Chiba. Alot of his weapons are the same as I learned and some are different, but the goal is the same. O'Sensei continually developed aikido and if he were alive today, it would be different than it was when he past away. Remember, he expounded from Daito-Ryu, much the same way Bruce Lee did when he took Wing Chun into Jeet Kun Do. Everything evolves. All the Shihans who teach different stlyes are correct. No one is wrong.

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