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Aviv Goldsmith (Aviv) wrote:
We recently organized a very successful Aikido Friendship Seminar which included the seven senior instructors (from seven different associations) in the state. A lot of good information and even more goodwill was exchanged. We probably will continue to do these on a regular basis.
I assume this was partly in response to my comments. I think you took my comments differently than I meant them. If you don't throw the big 'shing ding' I guarantee that 95% of the students in those dojos never cross-train. They just don't do it. It's not necessarily because they are arrogant or superior it's just how people are when living their daily lives.

Since they aren't cross-training anyway I don't see much reason for them to care who signs their certificate or what some guy in Japan does. I know it won't work that way but maybe it should?

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