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Christopher Li (Chris Li) wrote:
I have, directly from Morihiro Saito's mouth. Things like "This is the way that they do it in Tokyo, and it's wrong", and "Tokyo is killing Aikido". Not surprisingly, I've heard similar things from Hitohiro and other Iwama instructors - water (or whatever) runs downhill.
Change Tokyo to Hombu and I can say that I heard the same thing, well, at least the translator translated it that way.

I think this is largely a non-issue, however. I used to cross-train in 3 dojos under 3 different organizations (one was Iwama). Out of 200+ students I know of four people that did any kind of regular crossing over. I was the only one doing all three, two others crossed over maybe once a month between two of them and one other had in the past gone to all three.

It's a big deal historically, and clearly there's been stress amongst the high 'falutin' which has filtered down but for the average person absolutely nothing will change because most people never practice outside their home dojo or organization to begin with.

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