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Nafis Zahir wrote:
Hey Aviv, I was talking about the dojo I used to go to. I've gone to a Saito seminar and him and all the other Shihans of different styles never talked bad about the other. But trust me, it is constantly mentioned in some dojos! I'm sure my old instructor was happy to hear the news.
As someone who has trained in the Ki Society for over 10 years, I have had the opportunity on several occasions to attend several of M. Saito Sensei's seminars and several seminars by his better known senior students in the US.

Despite the differences in how we train and do technique, I have always been able to adapt and fit in. Probably had to make the most adjustment in the first seminar when I didn't yet know the unwritten assumptions. It was more like a different dialect with much that was in common. I never heard him or the other senior teachers bad-mouthing other styles. It doesn't surprise me though. I doubt any group is completely immune to it. KS certainly isn't.

As someone looking from the outside, it seemed that Iwama style was quite separate for a long time from Aikikai Hombu style. While every situation is different, this seemed very likely to happen given the history of aikido teachers who have evolved a very distinct system of teaching and style of technique.

Yohinkan - Shioda Sensei

Shodokan - Tomiki Sensei

Ki no Kenkyukai - Tohei Sensei

etc. with the older generation

now with younger generation

Iwama Ryu

and perhaps later Nishio Ryu ?

is it bad ?

don't know. It may just be inevitable as groups struggle to retain their own body of knowldege.

What's not inevitable is that the groups in future generations don't talk to each other or express insecurities but choosing to put each other down rather than accepting or even embracing diversity and learning from each other.


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