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SITUATION TWO - Mental Limits: Had a bad night at home, fiancee' was upset with life in general and that rubbed off on me as I'm... walking out the door. (felt guilty about that) SO... I'm in class, working on technique and my mind goes blank. I called "time" and told my Sensei I really wanted to sit out doing anymore technique and that I would take ukemi at least, but that I just couldn't concentrate enough to participate and DO technique.
sometimes overcoming our mental limits is much harder than overcome our physical limits, but in my case, one of the reason for going to dojo for training is to relax myself from my problem a bit, thus the training itself is the means of overcoming my mental limits. but if you can't concentrate on doing technique, just make yourself as uke. in my experience everytime i fall on the mat my mental problems felt like lifted bits by bits.

SITUATION ONE - Physical Limits: First one was at a seminar, I was training well the first day but eventually reached a point where I felt physically wiped out/ slightly dizzy/ unsure. I didn't want to hurt anyone or myself and I really felt like the longer I stayed on the mat, the more of a danger I was than anything else. Granted... I had been off the mat for a couple months prior to the seminar, but still... was a bit unsure of whether to keep going or not.
'was a bit unsure of whether to keep going or not'. John, there's nothing worse than injury caused by overwork. Pushing your stamina/endurance might cost you weeks or even months due to injury, but if you take a break for a while maybe you just cost a day or two,but you can keep on training for following weeks and months.

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