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Dan Hover
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Yes Saotome's stuff is even self admitted made up. He has said that his Ni to system was made up over the course of years after watching a TV show where the hero demonstrated Ni to techniques. Now one caveat here though, aiki ken is NOT Kenjutsu, aiki ken is there to teach you aikido not ken jutsu per se. In fact Osensei himself has a somewhat spotty record on his Ken training, His name does appear on the Kashima ryu scrolls, but he had hired teachers to come to the Budokan to teach. He observed the classes and had his son show him later what he had learned. Saito's Ken forms the first two are verbatim from kashima ryu but after that...they are not that systemized as Osensei was known not to really organize his style all that well, furthermore Saito himself has changed some of these forms over the years. Saotome's stuff on the other hand shows good use of the concept of Marubashi which is in fact taken from Shinkage ryu Kenjutsu. He uses this predominately in the first 3 kumitachi he has. His style lacks some of the classical elements of traditional Ken styles (i.e. rolling the sword around the wrist instead of the shoulder and lack of post kata zanshin) Nevertheless it is worth a look at, for what it is, aiki-ken and a chance to look study human behavior.

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